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Powerful dedicated auto flashgun for Chinon SLR cameras (see below)

  • Copyright  Heritage Cameras Limited 2007Original Chinon flash unit
  • Tilt head for bounce flash
  • 28mm to 105mm zoom flash
  • Guide numbers to 45m ,148ft
  • Three auto exposures modes
  • Full and 1/16th power manual
  • Dedicated for Chinon SLRs
  • High quality, made in Japan
  • Includes instruction leaflet
  • Includes 4x AA batteries

This is a high power dedicated flash unit for Chinon SLR cameras, with bounce and zoom features. It comes with instruction manual, and is in good condition. It can also be used on some other cameras with a standard (non-dedicated) hot shoe connection, including many digital models (see below).

The bounce flash head tilts up to 50, 65, 80 and 95 degrees for bounce flash, which gives much softer, more natural lighting than direct flash. The zoom flash head is adjustable for 28mm and 35mm wide angle, 50mm standard to 105mm (and longer) telephoto lenses, giving wider coverage or longer range.

The powerful guide numbers vary with the zoom setting, from 45m (148 feet) at the tele setting, 38m (125 feet) to 32m (105 feet) at wide angle with ISO 100 film. Theoretical maximum range of around 22m (73 feet) with ISO 100 film and 50mm f/1.7 lens. As with all flashguns, actual range will depend on the conditions. The comprehensive control panel provides distances from 0.7 to 27m, illuminated auto apertures from f/2 to f/32 and film speeds from 64 to 1600 ASA (ISO) or 19 to 33 DIN. Auto check light confirms correct exposure after the shot has been taken, plus flash ready light and test button.

Dedicated automatic exposure system, setting shutter speed automatically and displaying flash ready in the viewfinder of suitable Chinon cameras (see below). Three auto settings available with apertures of f/2.8, f/5.6 and f/11 with ISO 100, and auto ranges of up to 16m (52 feet). Manual operation is also available at either full power or 1/16th reduced power, for faster recycling and avoiding over exposure close up.

This Chinon S-380 flashgun is very nicely made (in Japan), measures around 120mm (5 inches) tall on the camera and weighs 300g (without batteries). Power is supplied by 4x standard Alkaline AA batteries (included), which are inexpensive and easily obtainable in most places.

An excellent flash unit for Chinon users!

Copyright  Heritage Cameras Limited 2007

Copyright  Heritage Cameras Limited 2007

Copyright  Heritage Cameras Limited 2007

Copyright  Heritage Cameras Limited 2007


The flash can be used with any Chinon SLR camera with a hot shoe, as follows:

Dedicated auto flash works on models such as the Chinon CE-4, CE-4S, CA-4, CA-4S, CG-5, CE-5, CP-5, DP-5, CP-6 Spot, CP-X, CP-7M and CP-9AF. The shutter speed is set automatically when the flash is charged, and flash ready status is shown in the viewfinder. It's suitable for TTL or program modes on the CP-9AF, but it's been checked and works fine in aperture priority auto mode. Also suitable for other cameras made by Chinon and sold under other names, such as the Sears KSX-P, Agfa Selectronic 2 and 3, Revue AC 3S, AC 4SP, AC5 and AC6 AF, plus others.

Auto or manual (non-dedicated) flash modes work on older Chinon cameras such as the CX, CS, CE Memotron, CEII, CM-3, CE-3 and many others.

Not recommended for other makes of camera with dedicated flash features, but will work on non-dedicated cameras with a normal hot shoe. Many older flashguns have high trigger voltages - sometimes hundreds of volts -, which can theoretically damage modern electronic cameras. We've tested this flash and it has a medium trigger voltage of 10.4v, which is within the ISO 10330 standard of 24v and should be suitable for most cameras. This includes many digital cameras with a standard (single pin) hot shoe such as the popular Fujifilm S9500, S9600 and Panasonic DMC-FZ10, FZ20 and FZ30 models, and many others. Only some cameras (particularly some Canon EOS models) specify lower voltages. If in doubt, check with your camera manufacturer for the safe voltage for your equipment.